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S2E12 - "Nathan's a Dad!"

Sept. 7, 2021

After an extended break, the boys are back. New Dad life, surviving the Sydney lockdown and offensive haircuts to raise money are the topic of this week. Did you miss us? We missed you!

S2E11 - Masterchef & Mental Fitness with Brent Draper

June 22, 2021

When Brent Draper entered the kitchen for the 2021 edition of Masterchef Australia, he dreamed of turning his passion for cooking into a new profession. Masterchef was meant to change the lives of him and his young family. M…

S2E10 - Building a social media support network for Men, with Ben Murdock

June 9, 2021

Ben Murdock is a loving husband and father first and foremost, but after battling his own demons in 2017, and working hard on himself over the last few years, he noticed a void in his hometown of the Northern Beaches. There …

S2E09 - "Remembering Chubby" with Troy and Clint from Chubby Welsh Autos

May 11, 2021

John “Chubby” Welsh was a legendary figure on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. If you didn’t know him as the mechanic or the incredible family man and friend, chances are you have seen for yourself, or heard the stories about…

Meditation Mental Fitness

S2E08 - Making Meditation Mainstream founder and all round great human Jason Partington

April 27, 2021

Jason Partington wears many hats - husband, father, community leader and meditation advocate to name but a few. Through his work as the founder of the not for profit “Making Meditation Mainstream” charity, as well as his “Me…

S2E07 - Good Human Factory founder & Pro Surfer, Cooper Chapman

April 15, 2021

It’s hard to believe Cooper Chapman is only 26 years old, as he has a maturity and understanding of the mental health space well beyond those years . Covid may have slowed down his pro surfing career, but it allowed him to s…

Mental Health Comedy Action Sports Anxiety Depression

S2E06 - X Games and Nitro World Games announcer, Jimmy Coleman

March 30, 2021

Jimmy Coleman started in the action sports world as a commentator in 1993. Since then, he has travelled the globe with the biggest events and best athletes on the planet, including the Winter and Summer X Games for the past …

S2E05 - "Don’t forget to check in with your mates" ft Browny and Luke

March 16, 2021

Browny and Luke find themselves in the weird position of doing this episode via Zoom, as work and personal life have made it difficult to catch up in person. But that’s no excuse, life is busy, check in with your mates, via …

S2E04 - Freestyle Motocross Lord, Harry Bink

March 2, 2021

Harry Bink is one of the best on the planet, in one of the gnarliest sports out there, Freestyle Motocross. He lives a great life traveling the world with Nitro Circus and his dirt bike (pre Covid), but that great lifestyle …

S2E03 - Andrew "Wardy" Ward, Founder of Head Above Water

Feb. 16, 2021

Head Above Water is an activity-based fundraising group that aims to create mentally fit and healthy communities. The boys chat to the founder and hear his incredible story and what ultimately led to the creation of this gr…

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Brent Draper - The hero we didn't know we needed

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How to put a baby capsule in a car

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