April 13, 2021

Should Bruce Cook be the next Canadian Prime Minister?

Should Bruce Cook be the next Canadian Prime Minister?

I hate to get political in this blog, but here we are. And here is my friend Bruce Cook, as recently seen on the Micah and Browny show on Twitch, presented by Tax Act, in association with Thrill One Media and Nitro Circus.

I wish we could just call it the Micah and Browny podcast, but contractual obligations don't allow for that. Its also not a Podcast, but potato, potatoe, same same but different.

Anyways, here is the legend Bruce Cook on our show....

Who is Bruce Cook and why should he be the next Prime Minister of Canada?? Well A.) He is Canadian, and B) Watch this, and prepare to be inspired....

Nitro Circus is full of inspirational characters and stories, but its hard to go past what Bruce has gone through, and how he turned it into a positive, with his "NEVER SAY CAN'T" attitude.

Side note, whenever I see NEVER SAY CANT, I think about this Kevin "Bloody" Wilson song

I miss touring with this guy. Always a good time. Always a good laugh. Always a good story to tell. We will be back soon though. 

So on that note, Bruce Cook gets my vote.