May 10, 2021

A podcast tribute to the legend Chubby Welsh

A podcast tribute to the legend Chubby Welsh

The podcast journey has been amazing for us, each episode has offered something a little different, but a fairly common trait in all episodes is that they have been  emotional, before, during and after.

But the latest episode with Troy and Clint Welsh cuts a bit different. You'll laugh and you will cry in this episode. That is a guarantee.

There is a few reasons for this.... Firstly, I have had the pleasure of knowing Troy and Clint since 2004, and Luke's friendship with them goes back even earlier, they aren't friends, they are family, to us.

Secondly, they have been huge supporters of this podcast, Troy as a listener, and someone who is probably the first friend to really talk about his feelings and head space in our friendship circle, and then there is older brother Clint, who has just quietly won back to back MVP awards on the 2 fundraisers we have done with Fitsom. Clint might just have the biggest heart out of anyone I have ever met, but don't tell anyone you heard this from me, as he doesn't want it advertised, and would prefer to be known as the cranky old man that Luke describes in the podcast.

The third and main reason why this podcast gets you in the feels the way it does (I am not crying right now as I type this, SHUT UP), is the first, main and recurring topic throughout this podcast, the late, great John "Chubby" Welsh.

Bonus points to anyone that knew Chubby had a real name, and that real name was John.

Chubby was Troy and Clint's (and Kristy's) Dad. He was a loving husband, Poppy, brother and Uncle to his family, but to people like myself and Luke, he was Chubby Welsh, a larger than life, almost fictional character, he was the real life version of Peter Pan. The most famous non famous person, who had time for everyone, a story for anyone, and a favor to give any stranger.

With his big belly and chicken legs, he was the perfect build to play Santa Claus, and he did that, every December (no shit Nathan, not much of a market for Santa Claus in June is there), for the legendary Gondola St Christmas party.

I am pleased to report that we will be doing a live broadcast from this years Christmas Party, where we will be, spoiler alert, seeing Clint continue the role of Santa Claus. We have chosen not to reveal what happened in 2018 when Clint took over the role, but if you listen to the poddy, you will get the dirt on this.

Chubby was a tireless contributor to multiple fundraising causes over the years. He also donated so much of his own time and money to various sporting clubs and organisations on the Northern Beaches. Troy and Clint break that down in more detail, but there is no doubt that Chubby helped inspire Skip This Podcast to get involved in this fundraising space.

It was such an honor to have Troy and Clint come on and share their story, and their life really. It took a massive set of balls to come on the podcast and relive such a traumatic time in their lives. Its been 2.5 years since Chub's tragic passing, and for the boys to come on and be so raw and open, WOW, I, for once, am lost for words.

I said it on the podcast, and ill say it again here, Chubby would be so proud of the growing up you both have done since his passing. Id bet my entire cryptocurrency wallet that Chubby had no idea what a podcast was, and he wouldn't want anyone talking about how great a man he was, but suck it Chub, its my blog, and I will praise you.

He never liked it being about him, which I think he has passed on to the 2 boys, which makes it all the more impressive in my mind, that when we asked Troy and Clint if they would come on and talk about the grieving process, they didn't hesitate to say YES, even if Troy was extremely difficult to lock down for the podcast, as he is a busy man between fatherhood, fireman life and being a D grade level surfer.

One thing that Troy said really stuck with me after the podcast, and I hope it resonates with all of our listeners. I think it hit me so hard in the feels as I am coming up on being a father for the first time. I thought this was the most beautiful thing...

"After weeks of grieving Troy hit a fork in the road moment, he decided he could either turn left and keep being sad and angry, or he could turn right.....And be grateful for what he had, and what he learned from Chubby. He could use that knowledge to help him be the best Dad he can be, so one day his children and grandchildren would talk about Troy, in the same way people talked about, and continue to talk about, Chubby."

Again, I am not going to admit to crying right now, but this is my new favorite episode, because of powerful words like this, but also seeing two of my best mates step so far out of their comfort zone, to tell their story, and honor their amazing Dad.

We will be sharing more details as they come in about the Festive Fundraiser we will be doing at Chubby Welsh Autos in December, but if you are still reading this and would like to come on board as a sponsor, hit us up here

Troy and Clint, in summary, thank you, we love the shit out of ya's.

Love Browny