March 23, 2021

Another day. Another blog.

Another day. Another blog.

Browny here. I am starting another blog. Well same blog, new location. Not multiple blogs, because i can barely keep one blog updated, so I wont be doing two of them.

Anyway, enough about that shit story. Whats another shit story I wonder?? Oh yeah I have one for you, do you think we should change the name of our Podcast, to include MENTAL HEALTH?? I don't even know if people can answer this question on this blog, so it might be a complete waste of time writing about it right now. But here we are. Comment below, add it, or not??

UPDATE - There is some coding bullshit to enable comments, which I cant figure out, so there will be no voting or comments on the change of name.

But you can subscribe and tell us what you think via email. I just subscribed and emailed myself.