May 29, 2021

Behind the scenes at RWillyland

Behind the scenes at RWillyland

Michael Jackson had Neverland. Elvis Presley had Graceland. Australian action sports has RWillyland, thanks to the legendary human being that is, Ryan Williams.

We at Nitro Circus recently had the honor of hosting open qualifiers for BMX and Scooter best trick, looking to fill one spot in each discipline, for the semi finals of Nitro World Games, which are coming to Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium in October.

Its no secret who won, but there is a pretty epic digital series coming out of it, so I am not going to dive into that. I don't think the readers of this blog care about that anyways.

Here is my behind the scenes look at the carnage, which included 4 ambulance trips, Todd Meyn being unofficially appointed into the middle management squad, which I am the self appointed leader of, and the 3rd biggest pimple in the Southern Hemisphere.

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