April 14, 2021

Hangin with Mr Cooper.......Chapman

Hangin with Mr Cooper.......Chapman

Cooper Chapman is far too young to remember one of the greatest shows of the 90's....

Spoiler alert, he was minus 1 years old when Hangin with Mr Cooper premiered in 1992. For those of you trying to follow, that would make North Narrabeen professional surfer and The Good Human Factory Founder, Cooper Chapman, 26 years old.

When we launched the Skip This Podcast in April 2020, we drew up a list of potential guests. We wanted to tell our own stories, we wanted to tell some lesser known people (but known to us), whose struggles we were aware of stories, and we wanted to talk to 4 famous people, who were doing great things in the mental health space - 

This legend - 

This fucken legend, whose Man Anchor hub in Collaroy is where the Cooper episode was recorded - 

And now here we are on episode 31 of this Podcast adventure, ticking off the 3rd and, whats that fucken word, penultimate or whatever. You know what I mean, ticked the second last box we wanted to tick - 

The 4th person will remain anonymous for now, but Renee Gartner, we will find you. And we will podcast with you.

I hate the word, and I am sure Cooper feels the same, but he is an influencer. But one of the good ones. Using his profile and status as a professional surfer, to have a positive influence on the lives of others, through the mental health foundation he founded, The Good Human Factory.

The reasons why he started this foundation are as incredible as they are tragic, and Cooper shares an incredible insight in to what makes him tick. A special bond with his father, was something that really jumped out at me, as I am closing in to becoming a father myself.

I keep thinking about what I was doing at 26 years old, and I was definitely at the centre of my own, very selfish world.

I've worked with professional athletes in the action sports space for 16 plus years now, and like surfing, BMX and FMX are very individualized sports. You need to be selfish and self-centered to make it to the very top. 

He says it himself, Cooper has led a very blessed life. But he has worked fucken hard for it, and made a lot of sacrifices along the way, to get his surfing career to where it currently sits.

And from an outsider looking in, he is making another big sacrifice right now, as he makes his status as a mental health advocate as much a priority as his professional surfing career. Find me another 26 year old on this planet that has made a decision like that.....Ill wait....

Seeing Cooper pick up two of my great friends from Nitro Circus, Harry Bink and Ryan Williams, and have them come on board as ambassadors for the Good Human Factory warmed my heart a few months ago, and then to hear Cooper speak so highly of them on the podcast, that got me in the feels.

The Good Human Factory is giving a platform to professional athletes and influencers (fuck that stupid word), to use their status for good. Nobody is perfect. Professional athletes have bad days. Professional athletes are humans too, not robots, and i like that message from the podcast as well.

Do yourself a favor, and find out more about the Good Human Factory workshops right HERE. Cooper spent 2 hours with us, before running off to do one of these workshops at a local surf club.

And just when you thought this absolute lord couldn't be any more lordy, he also has an epic podcast of his own.

So in closing, apart from being a South Sydney supporter, I don't have a bad word to say about this great human being. Thank you for coming on.

Thank you for those still reading.

And thank you to those who listened.

Love Browny