April 26, 2021

Stop. Meditate and Listen.

Stop. Meditate and Listen.

First off, if you didn't read that headline channeling the sweet dulcet tones of Vanilla Ice, we are no longer friends.

Second off, welcome back to another blog, I'm still your blog host, Nathan Brown. And I hereby present to you our latest episode, with an absolute legendary figure from Avalon, on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Jason Partington.

I have learned so much during our 12 months of doing Skip This Podcast. My life has changed dramatically because of it, but I think its a pretty easy choice for me to say that the biggest surprise that I have taken away from it is my love of meditation. It's changed my life.

Initially a couple of our guests had mentioned meditation as a coping mechanism through their tough times, and I was kind of interested, but kind of not. The legend Ben Jones from episode 13 even signed me up for a 30 day meditation course, which i quit after Day 3. Well I didnt quit, I kind of had to leave, due to failing. But that's a story for another day, its also a story for another podcast episode, with my Dad, as he talks about my school troubles. Sorry Mum.

I've totally lost my train of thought. I probably should meditate to slow the manicness that is me right now. I don't think manicness is a word, but It's my blog so bad luck, manicness stays.

So back to what I was trying to say. I didn't think meditation was for me. Just the thought of sitting still for an extended period of time used to give me anxiety. At the ripe old age of 38, I think there is a pretty constant nagging thought in the back of my mind, which is a fear of trying anything new. Throw in something new that is good for you, that's a pretty hard pass from me. 

And besides, I was time poor, that old excuse, I know. I have since learned that being time poor is the number one reason to meditate. But these were all my reasons to not do it. Despite being told by many people I needed to, it wasn't until I had a health scare that I did the unthinkable.

I enrolled in another meditation course. But this time I was going to do it. I was  quickly corrupted by the meditation "virus". It was a chance meeting with an absolute Lord by the name of Mitchell Woods (who we are going to talk about in another blog), that taught me, and then got me hooked on meditation.

I'm now 8 months into meditation, and I have done it every day bar 1. Like I alluded to a couple of paragraphs earlier, me and healthy habits have never really gone hand in hand. I would argue they still don't. But something with meditation just stuck with me.

When the unofficial Mayor of Northern Beaches Mental Fitness, Steve Gamble from Man Anchor, introduced me to Jason Partington, it only took a 5 minute phone call to know he was a perfect guest for Skip This.

18 months ago you couldn't get me in the same room as someone like Jason. I would have just thought we have nothing in common, and here I was, keen to pick his brain on his 22 years of meditation experience. The what, the why, the how.

As the conversation played out, I realised I had a lot more in common with him, then I initially thought. We chat about it in the podcast, but here is where you can go to learn more about what Jason does across his two incredible platforms - 

1. Making Meditation Mainstream (MMM)
Insta /linked in: All @ makingmeditationmainstream
2. Meditation for Men 
Insta / Linked in: ALL @ meditationformen 
I can't speak highly enough about what meditation has done for me. I understand it is not for everyone, but I thought it wasn't for me, until I figured out it was perfect for me. So don't be afraid of the unknown. You can get down to one of Jason's free beach meditations, stick the proverbial toe into the meditation waters, so to speak, the details are on the link above.
Thank you Jason for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to share the podcast stage with you. Give it a listen, and if you want to learn more, Jason is your guy.
Brown OUT.

EDITORS NOTE - Not only do Jason and Browny have the common interest of meditation, they also both appeared on the Manly Daily front page (granted, for very different reasons, but no publicity is bad publicity as they say in show business)