June 1, 2021

Talking Metal Mulisha VS Crusty Demons VS Nitro Circus and all things mental health with The Riders Lounge Podcast

Talking Metal Mulisha VS Crusty Demons VS Nitro Circus and all things mental health with The Riders Lounge Podcast

When an old friend, Steve Sommerfeld, hit me up to be on his podcast, The Riders Lounge, it caught me off guard. Ive been listening to it since its beginning, and it has had a heavy list of FMX riders and story tellers as previous guests, so my initial thought was, what can I contribute to a podcast that has given an incredible insight into some of the best in this industry???

Steve wanted to talk Mental Health, after listening to our Skip This Podcast episodes with Harry Bink and Jimmy Coleman, and any chance I get to spread the word on something I have become very passionate about, I have to jump at. And I knew Steve's conversational style of interviewing, would give us a great platform to talk all things mental health.

But to get to that point, we need to start from the start of my journey in the action sports world, which commenced on January 27th, 2005. Fuck me that is a long time ago. 16.5 years long time ago, for those of you playing at home.

You know what else was happening in 2005 -  Myspace was still a thing (I googled and found my myspace, and you know I had the Crusty Demons in my top 8 friends list), Youtube and Reddit were launched, Tom Brady was Superbowl champion (what a fucken surprise), the best ever show Prison Break launched, and speaking of launching, "the modern day Evel Knieval" (not my words), Australia's Robbie Maddison, announced himself on the world stage with 2 FMX records, at the Crusty Demons Night of World Records, in Brisbane. Here is a pretty epic throwback of that incredible night -

There was one other young blood that announced himself to the action sports community on this historical day for freestyle motocross. A fresh faced 23 year old from the mean streets of Collaroy Plateau, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. That young blood was me.

Working in the rugby league industry was my dream at the time, but action sports, and at that point more specifically, FMX, was my fate.

Not sure if we were old enough to smoke in this pic....

I'm not sure either Bilko or myself were old enough to smoke!!!???

We chatted about how I ended up where I did, and the hell of a ride I've had between then and now, with a couple of controversial talking points being the battle between Metal Mulisha and Crusty Demons tours in 2005, and the legendary face off between Crusty Demons and "the new kid in town" Nitro Circus Live in 2009, two battles I was fortunate enough to be on the winning side of.

It was a trip talking about and thinking about those things, that at the time were really difficult, but these days, I don't give much thought too.

We talk about the evolution of the Nitro Circus live tour, and how it has propelled action sports to scary levels of progression, on the back of our fearless leader, Mr Travis Pastrami.

The last 40 odd minutes of the podcast shifts focus to the more short term past, and present, and my struggles with mental health, and what I have done to get over those struggles, and come out the other side a much better version of myself, and how we can do more to help people in our industry. Something that I have become very passionate about over the past 18 months.

There are laughs and there are tears. It's a raw and honest account of some pivotal moments in the history of the live action sports events space, and a look into my personal journey, from the lowest of lows, to the highest of highs, with Baby Brown now 7 weeks away from being born.

Life is a trip. Action Sports has given me so much. I now want to do what I can, to give back to it.

Too many people to thank. So thank you everyone. You all are great. Well 98% of you are great. There is a 2% fuckwit rate in this industry. I hope I am not in that 2%.

Thank you Steve for allowing to tell my story on your platform. Such a lord.

Thanks for reading if you are still here.

Love Browny, aka Every Day Hero