April 4, 2021

Interviewing the action sports G.O.A.T Travis Pastrana

Interviewing the action sports G.O.A.T Travis Pastrana

Whether it be a stranger, or someone I know, the 3 main questions I get asked when they find out I work for Nitro Circus are as follows -

1.  What the fuck is Nitro Circus??

2.  Can you get me free tickets or anything for free?? (Sure pal, haven't seen you since our year 12 graduation in 1999, but here is $1000 worth of tickets)

3. Do you know Travis Pastrana? 

I started in the action sports industry with the Crusty Demons in January 2005. Before then I definitely wasn’t an action sports guy. I knew of Dave Mirra and Tony Hawk, but that was because of Playstation games, and I have vague recollections of the infamous Seth Enslow sand dunes jump. I couldn’t skate, and I owned a BMX to get from A to B.

That all changed very quickly when I moved into the action sports space, as the inventory controller of the Crusty Clothing brand. I learned very quickly that Travis Pastrana was the G.O.A.T of FMX, but for reasons well above my pay grade, he was destined to never ride a Crusty Demons live show.

If Freestyle Motocross had a Hall of Fame (hey this is a great idea just quietly, patent pending), I was lucky enough to work with a whole bunch of first ballot FMX hall of famers – Mad Mike Jones, Brian Deegan, Seth Enslow, Trigger Gumm, Larry Linkogle, Jim McNeil Mike Mason (please unretire Mase), as well as Bubba, who is in his own Hall of Fame for making the best toasted cheese sandwiches known to man.

And then there is a list of guys that are still riding at an elite level – Bilko, Steve Mini, Adam Jones, Maddo, Twitch, Cam Sinclair, Levi Sherwood, Nate Adams, Luke Smith and Jacko Strong, to name a few.

Mad flex by me on the name dropping, but I guess the point I was trying to make was that I had met anyone that was anyone in the FMX world in the 2000’s other than that goofy 199 guy, who seemed invincible at contest level, and is responsible for, in my opinion, the most iconic moment in action sports, the 2006 double back flip at X Games.

Then Nitro Circus Live was born, and I got to start working with Travis Pastrana. I first met Travis in September 2009. The day after I met him he backflipped a helicopter in Sydney, to help us launch the first ever Nitro Circus Live tour, that was happening in May 2010. He was awkward. But he for sure had an aura about him.

At this point of the blog I don’t even really know what I am talking about, but we talked about the helicopter stunt and a whole bunch of other stuff in this interview below, which we did last week for the Micah and Browny show, proudly brought to you by Tax Act, care of Nitro Circus, care of Thrill One Entertainment, presented by Me, and Micah, and Charley Daniels the MVP executive producer behind the scenes. 

I'm pleased to report that my second sit down interview with Mr Pastrana went significantly better than my first sit down interview, in the now defunct, In Too Deep series, which lasted one glorious season on Nitro Circus Facebook, and despite hitting a couple of million views, it can now be found in all good $2 blu-ray discount bins.

Nitro Circus and Travis Pastrana have given a lot of us a lot of work and good times. I will forever be grateful. 

So in summary, the questions i asked my self at the start of this rambling, here are the answers

Question 1 answer - google it

Question 2 answer - Yes, how many you need? 

Question 3 answer - Trav is the G.O.A.T off the bike, as much as he is on it.

Worthless fact, I did my first ever podcast with Trav, on the Drinking Bros podcast in Vegas 2018.

What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. Unless, well, actually, never mind.

What happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam

Alright, im done with the fanboying. Fuck you Trav.

Back to you in the studio...