May 6, 2021

Was a loyal Skip This Podcast listener involved in the Stuart MacGill kidnapping???

Was a loyal Skip This Podcast listener involved in the Stuart MacGill kidnapping???

If you thought Michael Slater trying to fight the Prime Minister over Twitter was going to be the strangest story about an ex Australian cricketer this week, you were wrong. Very wrong.

Skip This Podcast is expanding. Unofficially and without Luke's permission, we are branching into a True Crime investigation series. We just didn't think the first person we would be investigating was a great friend of the podcast, Kade Mark Gartner.

More details to follow as we get them, but there are now unconfirmed reports that Kade was taken into police custody this morning, to be questioned in relation to the kidnapping of ex Australian leg spinner, Stuart MacGill. Yes he the one forever in Shane Warne's shadow.

Skip This Podcast was able to obtain the victim's statement, through a source at Neutral Bay police station, which detailed the brutal nature of the kidnapping, and the relentless 2 hour torture session that followed, before he was released out the front of Chargrill Charlies.

"3 men jumped out of a van. They were wearing balaclavas, so I couldn't see their faces, but two things stood out - 1 of the larger gentleman was wearing the cleanest pair of Star Wars Nike size 11 shoes I have ever seen, and that same Nike wearing thug, kept telling me to "shut up homeboy", rest assured that this fine wine drinking specimen of myself, would not be associated with this homeboy", MacGill's statement read.

He then went on to say that after he was pistol whipped by the Nike shoe wearing thug, Nike thug got into a heated argument with one of the other kidnappers, a much shorter man with a strange accent, kind of like a leprechaun.

The argument was over a controversial goal in Fifa2020 on the play station, and at that point MacGill realised that Nike thug was not pistol whipping him, but cracking him over the head with a Playstation controller.

Its a strange world out there.

If any of our listeners have any information on who the identity of this second, shorter man with a leprechaun accent might be, please report to crime stoppers.

Yours in crime

Nathan Brown PI