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10/10 will listen again

These guys are tearing down the stigma around discussing personal well-being by normalizing the topic of mental health. Their genuine conversations invite you in and don’t hold back. Give it a listen and remember to check in on your friends and family.

Love the realness!

Very refreshing to hear these guys be so open. No one’s above being human and they dish it with personality but give us all something to relate to. Great listen!!

Funny, Real, Inspirational,Positive.

Love this podcast! Real men, talking about real feelings. Hats off to these guys doing something most can not. During this crazy year, this has really helped me keep a positive outlook on things .

Touches The Soul

It's a crazy world that we live in but these boys do a good job of bringing us all back down to reality and help us realize we all go through it at times. DONT SKIP THIS PODCAST.


Incredible podcast! I love that it is raw, open and honest. There is lots of information out there about mental health from professionals, but it’s refreshing to hear stories that aren’t perfectly crafted and don’t push a specific solution, just that sharing and opening up is a good place to start. Thank you Browny and Luke for sharing your stories and letting the world laugh, cry and learn a ton from your life experiences!

Love it!

This is such an important topic that not enough people talk about. Just talking to someone can help so much sometimes. These guys do such a awesome job of talking about the very real very deep issues and showing how much just talking about it can help while also keeping the balance light enough to be an easy listen. Hearing them talk through the things they are their guests are going through is definitely an inspiration to open up to someone about the things that have been weighing on my mind and I am sure it does the same to so many others. Good on ya fellas!

We need more open people like this

Mental health is such an important issue and it’s great to hear people be so open with their own experiences!

Great listen!

I ❤️ Browny

Every bloke needs to hear this pod

If you've ever struggled with mental illness, this is the podcast for you! Browny and Luke do a great job opening up and sharing their personal battles with mental health issues both past and present. Couldn't recommend enough!

The best

Most likely the best podcast of 2020. Thanks boys!!!!